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About W.D.S

From the Atelier located in the rural village of Nazareth, near Ghent, W.D.S is bound to create unique interiors, day after day, with a dedicated team of true craftsmen. Through straightforward techniques and within everyone’s range, they try to show the essence of all elements used. Due to the growing demand for and profound interest in timeless, ecological and delicately aging materials, this team of young professionals operates both locally and internationally.

clay 2

Pure down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry.

Leonard Kore

Mineral Floor - Architecture by Nicolas Schuybroeck Architects Photography by Romain Laprade, courtesy of Aesop - Lyon , France - 2023

Mineral Plaster - Architecture & Design by CAS Architecten, Photography by Tim van de Velde - Wetteren - 2021

Clay Monocouche - Architecture & Design by Glenn Sestig - Deurle - 2019

Mineral Plaster - Design by Marie Lecluyse Photography by Cafeine - Waregem - 2022

Clay - Design by Nathan Litera - Brussel - 2019

Mineral Plaster - Architecture & Design by Van Damme - Vandeputte architecten Photography by Cafeine - Hertsberge - 2022

Mineral Floor, Tadelakt & Mineral Plaster - Architecture & Design by Cottreel Architecten Photography by Cafeine - Ieper - 2021

Clay Monocouche - Architecture & Design by François Van Damme - Kruisem - 2019

Tadelakt & Mineral Plaster - Architecture & Design by CAS Architecten Photography by Tim van de Velde - Gent - 2022

Mineral Plaster & Tadelakt - Design by Aurelie Penneman Photography by Annick Vernimmen - Kortrijk - 2020

Tadelakt, Mineral Plaster - Design by Nathalie Deboel - Knokke - 2019

Clay & Tadelakt - Design by Jim Dierckx Photography by cafeine - Wijnegem - 2018

Tadelakt - Design by Hélène Van Marcke Photography by Cafeine - Paris - 2017

Tadelakt - Design by Thaïs Niville Photography by Cafeine - Gent - 2018

Clay & Tadelakt - Design by Vincent Holvoet Photography by Cafeine - Kortrijk - 2018

Mineral Plaster - Design by Anje Dhondt - Deurle - 2019


At W.D.S, honest materials like lime, clay, minerals, wood, chalk, … are tried and pushed to different ends and applications such as tadelakt, clay, plasters, cocciopesto, natural paints …










By turning from the surface, one comes closer to the inner laws of matter, 
which are also the laws of the spirit.

Pieter Mondrian

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